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Savannah Pride is a community of mentors, educators, 

coaches and students based out of Western Sydney. 

Savannah Pride aims to inspire Australian youth through sports and education. Basketball has been the vehicle for this, and the successes both on the courts and in the classrooms are there for everyone to see. This community started with the South-Sudanese community, but have always been all-inclusive, taking on youth from many different backgrounds and gathering “under the branches of the Savannah tree”

Inspiring youth through sports, education and community.




The heart of our organisation is a simple goal: to build at-risk young people’s self-esteem, develop their life-skills and provide a structure for growth based on education and sports, steering them away from crime and wandering the streets.


It’s more than just a game. Such is our dedication to academic performance at Star Basketball that every young person on our teams must commit to a tuition program that assists him or her with schoolwork, run by us. If they don’t study, they simply are not allowed to play.

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Basketball Australia Profiles Coach Mayor Chagai

As part of 2021 Harmony Week celebrations, Basketball Australia has profiled Savannah Pride’s founder Coach Mayor Chagai. Coach Mayor’s story and his work with Savannah Pride is an inspiration not only to young basketballers from South Sudanese background, but for all young people aspiring to chase their dreams and improve the environment around them.

The full story can be viewed on the following link.

Harmony Medal

Savannah Pride’s founder Mayor Chagai has been honoured with a prestigious Harmony Medal at the NSW Premier’s 2020 Multicultural Community Medals announced in Sydney last night.

Mayor was recognised for his inspiration and commitment to fostering community harmony through Savannah Pride’s youth basketball and welfare programs in his adopted Western Sydney region.

View Full Media Release Mayor Multicultural Award Win

Savannah Pride COVID-19 Notices

Following are important notices relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic

For Savannah Pride Blacktown

Savannah Pride COVID-19 Notice

For Overseas Players

Savannah Pride COVID-19 Notice to players in USA


Due to the overwhelming response to recent press about Savannah Pride, can you please direct all media questions and inquiries to Lorraine Landon on the following email:

Thank you for your interest. Savannah Pride.



The success on and off our courts continues, as well as the demand from young people to join our program. In fact, we are proud to say that Savannah Pride alumni have recently been selected to represent the Sydney Kings, and Australian under 17’s. Additionally, several other players have received great interest and scholarship positions from US schools and colleges.

Here is a list of Savannah Pride Alumni who have received scholarships in the U.S. in 2016




With sport, education and mentoring, Savannah Pride is a youth organisation dedicated to inspiring Australian youth through basketball in NSW.

What was founded in 2006 as a small group of coaches and students coming together to better the lives of South-Sudanese-Australian families through basketball programs in Blacktown, Savannah Pride is now an all-inclusive community organisation that attract kids across all areas of support for families through basketball right across NSW.

Much like the Savannah tree, basketball grown into something that brings all walks of life together: Families, students, mentors, educators and outsiders.

Savannah Pride aims to include not just African-Australian communities but also anyone who looks to be inspired. Helping young kids channel their energy into school and competitive sport, while keeping out of trouble.

Savannah Pride provides well-rounded development for boys and girls with basketball programs, education programs, homework support and cultural guidance. The men and women that make up Savannah pride have created a reassurance in their community, working alongside the youth, their families, their schools and local police.

A community that is developing deep roots and strong branches, Savannah pride has been welcomed by all involved, particularly the youth in Western Sydney.



Mayor Chagai
Mayor ChagaiFounder
Emmanuel Acuoth
Emmanuel AcuothCo-Founder
Andy Kenyi
Andy KenyiCo-Founder
Mathew Madit
Mathew MaditAdmin & Finance

2017 Scholarships


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